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Level Devil


About Level Devil

Level Devil is a platformer game with many levels and interesting challenges. You will fall into a room and you must overcome the game's traps to find a way out.

How to play

The main goal of the game is for the character to reach the door at each different level. It seems simple, but you will find it difficult to understand how the challenges work. Not only do you play in a quiet environment, but you are also pushed into ever-changing challenges that require you to have the ability to respond sensitively in every situation.

The challenge increases gradually with each level

As you proceed through the stages, you will encounter a variety of obstacles that are intentionally placed to increase the challenge. Holes in the floor require precision in movement while moving spikes add time to the mix. The prospect of falling ceilings creates urgency, requiring players to think and act quickly. Each level is a meticulously created puzzle that requires a combination of strategy, dexterity, and mental agility.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move

Use Space - jump