Some facts about Mope.io

Mope.io is a fun game that differentiates its organism according to a very clear and logical food chain. You have to eat other creatures to become bigger.

You would have to start from the lowest classes of organisms in each geographical area like rats, rabbits, or even shrimp, and these creatures can only pick up plants with low nutritional value like mushrooms, grass, or moss. After you have collected enough nutritional value, your creature will evolve into larger creatures like foxes, wolves, or crocodiles. Depending on what terrain you are in, you can become an evolved being. Then, you can eat creatures that are lower than you.

In addition, the graphics of the game are eye-catching. The biological system here is very diverse with many different types of plants and animals. You will be immersed in the game and can't stop playing it. On our web, there are also many games with brilliant graphics for you to select from Geometry Dash Lite, WarCall.io, and Nightpoint.io.

How to control

The control mechanism of the game is also quite easy to get used to, you just need to move the mouse to control your creature, then manipulate acceleration and deceleration by clicking the mouse. To become proficient, you still need to go through a period of practice.