About Nerdle

Nerdle is an engrossing puzzle game based on numbers that will challenge math nerds. Find a hidden eight-character calculation within six attempts.

The purpose of this game is to deduce an 8-character computation that has been concealed. Any number between 0123456789+-*/= can represent a character. There is also a required standard order for placing them in. Multiplication and division should precede addition and subtraction in the calculator. Keep in mind that there must be a whole number to the right of the equal sign in the equation. Try your hardest to solve the equation in fewer than 6 tries. You will lose the game if, once the grid is full, you are unable to locate the desired mathematical equation.

The tiles' colors not only indicate how near your guess was to the objective equation but also give you a significant advantage in the game. The colors on the tiles will shift as you solve the equation. A gray square means the equation is off-target. There's no need to re-enter the numbers into the gray squares. If it is in the wrong place in the secret equation, the yellow tile will indicate as much. It can be used in the following equation, however, it is preferable if you move it to a different location. When all else fails, a green tile is a good indicator that it will work. A brief look at the tile colors should reveal the secret mathematical formula. Have fun, and don't break a leg! In addition, you can play Rocking Sky Trip to experience the race extremely interesting and attractive.

How to play

To pick a number, press the mouse's left button.