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OvO Dimensions


Experience journey in the game OvO Dimension

OvO Dimension is a fun arcade platform game where you control a stick figure and overcome a series of challenging levels filled with obstacles.

How to play

You control a stickman character who performs simple motions such as leaping, wall jumping, and sliding. These basic yet necessary moves will be your key to completing the game's numerous levels. As you continue, you'll come across increasingly difficult obstacles that will put your skills and reflexes to the test.

To properly master the game, you must use action combos to gain extra power. To get an advantage and overcome even the most difficult barriers, do a precisely timed jump soon after a slide or ground pounce. Discovering and mastering these action combinations will improve your gaming and set you on a successful road.

Tons of levels and endless challenges

You will have to stay alert as you play each level because it has its own structure, hazards, and obstacles. With dangerous gaps and carefully placed spikes, you'll need to be very careful and skilled to get through the levels. The game gets harder as you go, making it a truly trying experience. Jump your way through all the levels and win. Only the best players will be able to do this.


Use navigation keys.