The gameplay of Pacman

Participate in Pacman to enjoy unique mechanics with cute icons. The game requests you to control a yellow icon to collect many dots and avoid your rivals.

It is said that the game is very fun and suitable for everyone thanks to the simple gameplay. You must control the adorable icon to run through every nook and cranny. Then, you have to collect as many dots as possible to raise your score. Moreover, you also take caution to avoid your opponents. They are trying to gather dots. You must run faster than them to collect many dots. Do not collide with them unless you will lose. You can destroy them when your rivals' color is similar to the dot's color. Like Geometry Dash Lite, Papa's Freezeria, and Flappy Bird, the game can help you to relax and express stress. You can join all of them to play.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.