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Poor Eddie


Help Eddie escape the dangerous mysterious house

Description of Poor Eddie

In Poor Eddie, you need to help Eddie through dangerous situations to be able to complete the mission. Control this man to pass many levels to the finish line. In terms of graphic design, it is similar to Blumgi Slime, which both bring a sense of fun and energy to the player every time you complete a level.

Flexibility in each challenge

Eddie can be attacked with various harsh forms. Use the tools supported in each situation intelligently to overcome the challenge. You won't be pressed for time when playing this game, but agility and flexibility are essential because you can be crushed by the cogs if you don't run away from them quickly.

Outstanding features in the game

Many fascinating levels

This game has a total of 150 levels that will challenge your skills. Every 5 levels you complete, you'll be rewarded with a treasure chest. These chests hold rare skins that you can collect. There are a total of 9 treasure chests that you can unlock if you complete all levels. This will allow you to add beautiful skins to your collection.

Expand the treasure chest

In addition to the treasure chests, there are 8 skins that are available to choose from for gameplay. You can select one of these skins to play with and show off your unique style.