Explore the adventure with Run Sausage Run!

Enjoy the racing adventure in Run Sausage Run! Help your hot dog overcome dangerous worries before sharp gears and flames that want to cook it.

In this adventure game, you play the role of a delicious and greasy hot dog. You have to start an arduous and extremely challenging journey to reach the finish line safely. There are many dangers threatening you along the way. They can kill you at any time. There are many obstacles that are difficult to overcome, you need to use your quick movement skills to overcome them in the safest way.

Instructions for playing Run Sausage Run!

Press the spacebar so you can dodge as well as bow to the obstacles above. Hold SPACEBAR for you to speed up and go faster. You can't jump the only thing you can do is go fast and safe from the dangerous saw blades that can crush a sausage into a hundred pieces.

On the way you, in addition to trying to avoid dangerous saws and sharp knives, you also have a pretty important task. That is, you have to collect coins and other items along the way to help you move more safely. Whenever overcoming obstacles such as saw blades, knives, flames or any obstacles. The only thing you need to do is time it to repeat, speeding it up really fast to get past it. Hope your sausage is still safe from sharp knives and flames that want to cook it.