Rescue poor students in Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is a story simulation game about a high school teacher who misbehaves with students. You play as a genius student and will teach her a lesson.

The story is about a scary teacher whose behavior threatens students physically and even abuses schoolchildren. The teacher has come to your place and is your neighbor. Find a way to avenge the students who have been abused by this cruel teacher and teach her a valuable lesson. The teacher's house has a very mysterious 15 floors that people have never known. Break into her house and complete quests for a limited time before you're discovered by her.

Take revenge on the evil teacher

To teach the notoriously spooky instructor a lesson, you as the player terrify her. The teacher suddenly becomes your neighbor at the start of the game, completely altering your relationship. You have to finish rising missions throughout the game within a set amount of time. You avoid detection, just like in stealth video games.

You can navigate your character across the map, look around the rooms, finish stages, and get away from the wicked teacher by doing this. Also, it entails taking things and using them to play a joke on the teacher. The rear-view mirror will help you succeed by keeping an eye out for the opposition.