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Snowball Racing


About Snowball racing

Snowball racing is a game on the theme of snow. The more you need to move to collect snow in a short time, the higher your chances of winning. In this exciting game, your objective is to roll the largest snowball possible while skillfully avoiding any incoming hits. Show off your speed as you strive to surpass your opponents and emerge victorious. If you find the game too easy, challenge yourself by attempting to collect all the gems along your path. But be cautious! Avoid touching anything else, as it will result in a loss. Don't fret if you don't succeed right away. With a few attempts, you'll grasp the rules and discover the winning strategy.


  • Swipe in your desired direction to move
  • Roll your snowball to make it as big as possible
  • Watch out for other opponents and avoid getting hit
  • Aim for victory and celebrate with a joyful dance!

The playing guideline of Snowball racing

To initiate movement, simply hold down your finger or mouse button and watch as the stick figure starts to glide. Guide the stick figure's motions strategically to roll the snowball in the desired direction. Your objective is to fill the bridge with snow, creating a complete pathway. Master the snow-collecting races and race at lightning speed to the finish line. Embark on challenges to unlock more exciting new challenges. The future holds even more thrilling opportunities for your growth and achievement.