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About Snowball.io

Snowball.io is a fun multiplayer arena IO game in which you throw snowballs at other players and the last player standing will win the match!

In this epic snow combat, you must collect snow and defeat other players while avoiding the vanishing ice platforms. Move around to collect snow. The snowball grows in size, making it simpler to annihilate your frigid adversaries. Throw your snowball at other players when the game is ready. You can also use your snowball to knock other players back. At the same time, you must avoid being pushed over by other players! You're on an ice surface that vanishes as the level advances.When you complete battles, you will get XP and unlock new skins!


  • Gain XP to unlock new skins.
  • Participate in tournaments and quick-play mode.
  • Gameplay that is quick, fun, and addicting!
  • Controls are simple.

How to play

To maneuver and construct a snowball, hold down the left mouse button, then let go to shoot.