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Speedy Ball


The game rules of Speed Ball

Enter Speedy Ball to experience a thrilling race track with dangerous gaps. You must control the ball, hop over every gap, and finish the racetrack.

Like Slope Ball, Death Run 3D, and Slope Run, you will experience both excitement and fear as the balls move since you never know when you might fall into space, which is crazy. In this game, you must guide the ball across these perilous tracks. Because these tracks have many gaps, you can fall at any time. Avoid the bigger gaps by sliding the ball to the right and left. In addition, if the gap's width is not too great, jump over them. In this game, you don't have much time. The clock and your score will both be shown in the right corner of the screen. The amount of turns you can play on a racetrack is on the other side. The quantity of balls indicates how many turns you have remaining to play. After finishing the game, you also join Geometry Dash Lite.

How to play

  • Spacebar to jump.
  • Right arrow to steer right.
  • Left arrow to steer left.
  • Down arrow to brake.
  • ESC to pause.