About SpiderDoll

Go with the spider ragdoll to rescue his girlfriend in SpiderDoll. Shoot the rope to swing from one building to another one and defeat OctoPuppet.

In this game, you will transform into a spider ragdoll. As OctoPuppet kidnaps your girlfriend, you need to chase him and save your girlfriend. Use the rope to swing from one building to another one. Be careful! if you fall off, the game is over. Attempt to reach the destination safely.

How to control: Hold and release the left mouse button to swing.

Playable game modes in SpiderDoll

There are three available game modes in this game. They are Practice, Story Mode, and Fighting Mode. Try playing the Practice mode first to practice swinging skills. Then, you can choose Story Mode to join the thrilling chase. In the Fighting mode, you must utilize your swinging skills to fight against enemies who have guns. Do your best to defeat them and become the best superhero. If you like this game, check out Geometry Dash Lite, Volley Random, and Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit.