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Stack Colors


Stack Colors is a run and collect colored blocks that are stacked on top of each other. The more colored blocks you collect, the higher the score you will get.

Game rules when collecting colored blocks

Your goal

Your goal is to kick these stacked objects to the finish line as far as possible. The more you earn, the higher your score. After collecting a certain number of colored blocks, you will kick them as far as you can. The more color volume collected, the higher score you will get.

Pick up the correct color of the character

Swipe your character from left to right to align them with the exact same color as when playing Stair Race 3D. You can only pick up blocks that match the color of the ones you're currently holding. If you pick up blocks of different colors, you will lose the items you have collected before. You lose color blocks means you will lose points, worse, you lose all color blocks and then the game will be over.

How to collect color blocks

Move skillfully

Control your character left or right to move easily. You need to skillfully control and arrange objects of the right color. There are areas where the color changes quickly, requiring quick reactions to ensure you get the right subject. This game offers a simple yet challenging gameplay experience.

Collect as many blocks as possible

Gather as many blocks as possible and tap quickly toward the finish line to launch your blocks into the distance. The number of blocks you have and the force you exert will determine how far they travel. Aim to maximize both factors for a higher score and greater success.