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Stickman Slope


Some facts about Stickman Slope

Stickman Slope offers a beautiful racetrack, so take part. Run as long as you can while dodging obstacles and gathering lots of diamonds by controlling your character.

Avoiding all of the roadblocks is the first challenge you must face. For large trash cans blocking the road, you can change lanes to the left or right. Low barriers should be jumped over in order to continue running. If you don't want to lose your life, you must slide over the high barrier. You only have three lives, so take care to cover the greatest amount of ground.

The next task is to gather as many gems as you can. They will appear throughout your run. You also receive power-ups so that you can sprint quickly and gather more gems. You might notice X2 or Magnet. If you want to improve your points, do not miss them.

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How to control Use the arrow keys to move.

The outstanding features of the game

You can choose magnet and X2 power-up. You can collect diamonds, and gems with the aid of magnets without accidentally running over them. Your score is doubled thanks to X2. The Invincible will also assist you in getting stronger.

Furthermore, you can choose from characters like Santa, the Grinch, the Trash Cat, the Girl, the Hero, the Ninja, and the Punk.