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Super Tunnel Rush


Coming to Super Tunnel Rush, you will experience extremely eye-catching 3D gameplay when rotating 360 degrees. Collect coins and speed on the track.

Experience 3D speed in the racing world of Super Tunnel Rush

Super Tunnel Rush is an intense 3D racing game. You will experience high-speed competitions on beautifully designed tracks. You have a variety of gameplay options, including embarking on a career from scratch, participating in quick races, or tackling daily challenges. You will be challenged and confront many high-class opponents with extremely fast steering. The city is covered by clouds and fog. But the professional racers somehow miraculously managed to overcome and move forward. On the way you need to collect green arrow indicators to increase speed and move skillfully to avoid obstacles and they cause you to slow down on the track.

Movement Controls

  • On PC: Use A/D keys or Left/Right arrow keys. You can also click the mouse.
  • On Mobile: Simply touch and hold either the left or right side of the screen.

Some valuable tips to enhance your performance

  • Utilize Green Arrows: Collect green arrow indicators to increase your speed. Racing through these speed-boosting zones will provide you with a crucial advantage in high-stakes duels. It can be a game-changer, so make the most of it.
  • Gain the Adrenaline Edge: By dashing through these velocity-boosting zones, you'll be able to gain an adrenaline-fueled edge over your competition. It's all about timing and strategy.
  • Challenge Your Friends: After the race is over and the dust settles, don't forget to share your exhilarating high-speed achievements from this game with your friends. Challenge them to beat your racing prowess and keep the competitive spirit alive!

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