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Thug Racer


About Thug Racer

Thug Racer is a racing game in which you must drive at break neck speeds to reach your destination in time and avoid capture from the police.


In this game, you are traveling with a pal in your amazing sports automobile, but you are late! Try to reach each checkpoint on time, otherwise your race will be finished and you will be caught. Avoid colliding with other vehicles while demonstrating your driving abilities. This game is jam-packed with action, as well as some amusing conversation and cut sequences. Thug Racer is a fantastic game that pays homage to Outrun while adding a new contemporary touch! If you also like adventure driving like Thug Racer, you can play Drift Hunters to satisfy your own passion


  • Kevin MacLeod's awesome Ice Flow music
  • Two thugs in the same vehicle had entertaining conversations (warning for some explicit language)
  • Race against the clock and explore new regions
  • The police are after you because you are speeding


To steer, use the left and right arrow keys or left click.