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Toca Boca Kiss


Conceal love in Toca Boca Kiss

Help the couples in Toca Boca Kiss as they try to hide their feelings from prying eyes. Help them share secret kisses without being caught by their friends. This game offers an intriguing gameplay experience where couples must engage in silent kisses. If any other character catches them in the act, the game immediately ends. Your role is not limited to assisting a single couple but rather multiple couples, with each couple serving as a stage consisting of three levels.

Tips for mastering Toca Boca Kiss

Fill up the love bar

Displayed on the screen is a love bar that gradually fills up when the two main characters share a kiss. Your objective is to completely fill the bar, signaling a successful mission. Once you complete three levels with three hearts, you can progress to new couples and new challenges.

Avoid being spotted

Beware of others who may glance in the direction of the couple. You must ensure that your couple refrains from kissing when others are watching. Before people turn their attention toward the couple, a warning indicator will appear above their heads. Act swiftly and prevent any kissing at that moment!

Control the characters

To initiate a kiss in the game, simply click and hold the mouse. To separate the characters, release the mouse. Rest assured, this game does not contain offensive content, making it suitable for children to enjoy as well.