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Toon Cup 2016


Instructions to win Toon Cup 2016

The football league is taking place in Toon Cup 2016. Guide the team of famous cartoon characters to defeat the opposite team and gain a high score.

The football league in 2016 is organized and many famous cartoon characters attend. Do you want to join? Click the Play button to play this game now. In the football match, you will play as a captain who guides members of your team to steal the ball from your enemies and kick it into the goalpost. Besides, you can unbox the blue boxes in the yard. These boxes contain power-ups that will hurt your opponents. When your opponents are suffering the effects of the power-ups, it is an opportunity for you to get close to their goal post and score. You have only 3 minutes in a match, so you must gain a higher score than your rivals before the time is over.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to run.

Press a Z key to kick or steal the ball from your rival.

Hold an X key and then release it to kick the ball into the goalpost.

Two game modes in Toon Cup 2016

This game offers two game modes including Quick Play and Tournament. Let's learn about their playing rules before choosing your suitable game mode.

  • Quick Play: If you choose this mode, you can enter a football match quickly. Your rival will be chosen at random.
  • Tournament: In this mode, you need to take part in three rounds including quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final. If you can defeat the rivals in the final, you will become the champion of the football league in 2016. Do your best!