Challenge your brain

Trap The Cat is a game to train your intelligence. The black cat is very smart and you need to find a way to trap it. Don't let it escape your playground!

This is a simple game that is extremely addictive for anyone who enjoys mind games. This cat can calculate steps before you guess, and it can trick steps you don't expect. You will need to think and calculate the tiles as well as the steps by which the cat can escape from the playing field. This is an extremely brain-hacking game that you should definitely experience.

Tips to win the game Trap The Cat

You can't underestimate this smart black cat. It will find any exit you haven't thought of. So you have to be careful through all the steps. Instead of building fences that are too close, build fences around it until there are no gaps and then you have won 100%. You continue to build the remaining fence until it has no more cells to move, you have won. However, for easy levels, this will be easy to do, but for more difficult levels, tricking the cat requires your thinking and creativity.