About Who Is?

Challenge yourself with hard puzzles in Who Is? now. Do your best to find the hidden objects or the persons who are at fault as soon as possible.

If you are confident in your intelligence, this puzzle game will be your test. This game features 100 puzzles which are really difficult. Your mission is to solve these puzzles in the shortest time. Most puzzles require you to find hidden objects or people such as a werewolf, a candy, a black cat, a spy, a bad guy, and so on. If you want to figure them out soon, you must detect the persuasive evidence first. This evidence can be used to accuse anyone. Note that solving a puzzle will help you gain 50 light bulbs. You can use 50 light bulbs to purchase a chance to use the Hint button. When you click on the Hint button, the suggestion about the next moves will appear. You can follow it to solve the puzzle more easily. Just use it whenever you get stuck.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to choose the right answer.

Click the left mouse button twice and then hold it to move the items on the picture.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Unico Studio which is a game development studio in Newark, California, United States. The developer designed this game to be accessed on both PC and mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, you can play it every day and everywhere to test your logical thinking and intelligence.