The principles of Zombie Hunters Online

Participate in the fights against zombies in Zombie Hunters Online. Collect power-ups and take down as many zombies as possible in the arena.

Are you ready for the battle with zombies? Grab your weapons and kill as many zombies as possible. Don't forget to collect power-ups in the arena. They will upgrade your weapons and boost your health. As soon as the portal appears, you need to run as fast as possible to reach the portal and move to the next level.

How to control: Press ARROW KEYS to control the character.

The world map in Zombie Hunters Online

The world map presents 12 portals that you need to go through. Each portal has a distinct name like Doom Base, Death's Strait, Catacombs Of Evil, Cave Of Kings, Demon's Pocket, and so on. Do your best to conquer all portals and become the greatest zombie hunter. After winning the fights in this game, you can play Geometry Dash Lite, Tower Defense, and Tetris on this website.