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Zombie WarZ Survival


Description of the game Zombie WarZ Survival

Zombie WarZ Survival is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. The game requires high skill, the player must destroy the enemy to survive the zombie storm.

This world used to be very peaceful. The terrible disease that turns people into zombies suddenly broke out, and in no time at all it has spread throughout the world, turning the vast majority of its inhabitants into mindless shamblers. A blizzard survival game may seem like a dreamy place to dwell, but in reality, it's full of dangers and obstacles. Be very careful if you decide to make that area your permanent home. For all you know, everything could turn out alright even if you only have the power to fight for the best ball of steel wool in your survival video game

How to controls

  • WASD or the arrow keys to navigate
  • LMB to fire
  • RMB to goal
  • F to kick
  • Press the spacebar to jump
  • Click the middle mouse button to lob a grenade.
  • Tab for menu access

The playing instruction of Zombie WarZ Survival

You'll play Joel, a daring soldier who saves the day. He's done a lot of surgeries, so he has plenty of experience under his belt. As a result, our protagonist is in a position to direct a rescue mission. Zombies seem to be everywhere! Moreover, you must hurry to the research facility where the pandemic was first detected if you hope to put a stop to this invasion. It is there that you'll find the cure that will save everyone on Earth.

Use your machine gun to mow down zombies and pummel them into submission so you can protect your area. Powerful though they may be, zombie catchers need no zombie guides to educate them on how to survive a tidal wave of the undead. In this zombie game, you must be the one to halt the undead hoard.

In order to better cope with the zombies, you should improve your weapon and unlock a guard to assist you. In this Zombie defense battle z survival game, you must stop the zombies' run and dispose of them as a genuine zombie catcher would.