Some information about Backrooms

Backrooms resembles a terrifying maze that is simple to get lost in. To escape quickly and avoid monsters, you must locate the exit for your character.

You begin the game by waking up in an empty room. There are no items in this location. Anything is in this room. Then, everything is similar to what you had predicted, you got lost. You might encounter strange creatures, so get out as soon as you can.

It's easy to play this game. You comprehend its plot quite quickly. The game's audio does not, however, provide the nice experience you had hoped for. Your entire journey is accompanied by a strange sound. Can you escape this terrifying room? Participate in the game right away to complete this challenge. In addition, on our web, you can join other games, including Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Blackboard, and Run Run Duck.

How to control

The mouse to look around.

WASD to move.