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Burnin Rubber


Some information about Burnin Rubber

Start the car and immerse yourself in a challenging journey of Burnin Rubber. Take on missions and clear other vehicles along the way with your advanced gun.

Welcome to this very special race track. On the track, you are the only vehicle equipped with weapons in a series of other vehicles. Your task is to control the car to go the farthest. This goal is easy to understand but it is not easy to achieve. Because there are many other vehicles on the road. If you collide with them, you will die. So you have to fire bullets at them to make them disappear. Note that if you cannot make them explode, you have to change direction to dodge them in time.

In addition, you also complete the required distance to unlock other supercars that are equipped with heavy guns. Try your best to drive as far as possible. Besides, you can change other guns by scoring the highest points. Your total score must achieve at least 3000 to unlock another one. If you want to enjoy other intensive games, you can select Geometry Dash Lite, Short Ride, and Zombie Hunters Online.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

You do not control the gun.