Some principles of Flying Obstacles

Join Flying Obstacles to accompany beautiful girls while flying overhead. Control three girls to avoid obstacles and maintain all of them to fly in the sky.

In the game, there are two main missions for you. The first is to keep all girls flying. If you are negligent and cause them to fall to the ground, you will lose. So you need to be very focused to help them not fly too high and not land on the ground. Continue your journey to be able to fly as far as possible. The second is to avoid a large number of obstacles. The only way to knock down obstacles and get points is to switch between the three girls’ positions when they fly. You must ensure that you switch the girl with a color similar to the color of the obstacle in front of you. As a result, you can break obstacles. The more obstacles you eliminate, the more points you receive. In addition, if you switch to the wrong girl, you will lose because you cannot destroy the obstacles. Like Geometry Dash Lite, Pacman, and Getting Over It, the game is available on our web for you. Join the game now.

How to play

Use the up arrow key to fly.

Use the spacebar to change the girls.