Notable information about Geometry Dash Cataclysm

Geometry Dash Cataclysm invites you to join the adventure with the cube. Your task is to complete the levels with various challenges created by GGB0Y.

Geometry Dash Cataclysm is a 1.9/2.0 solitary Extreme Demon that was designed, hack-verified, and released on January 3, 2015 by Ggb0y. Riot later updated and authenticated the level on January 15, 2016, uploading the new version to his account, where it is presently rated. It was featured and instantly became one of the most difficult levels in Geometry Dash, tied with ICE Carbon Diablo X, upon its release. It is the initial installment of the community-designated Extreme Demons trilogy, preceding Bloodbath.

After completing all the levels in Geometry Dash Cataclysm, you can try to play other interesting games like Geometry Dash Easy with many similar challenges.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash Cataclysm

0-6%: The level starts with a moderately simple half-speed cube section with a few spheres.

6-19%: Next, the player enters a challenging double-speed wave segment with confined spaces, numerous size-changing portals, and inconsistent timing.

19-25%: Following that is a treacherous triple-speed ship segment with gravity portals and numerous invisible size portals that necessitates very light inputs and excellent transition control to avoid death.

25-28%: The player reverts to a mini-wave at half-speed, but this section is simpler than the previous one because it is not at double speed. Before entering the subsequent section, the wave momentarily returns to its normal size. The background obscures a portion of the player's field of view.

28-36%: The character then transforms into a ball with double speed, which requires excellent timing and spamming. Then, the speed drops to half-speed, and the player must navigate through extremely confined areas while a few speed variations attempt to throw them off.

36-40%: The player then enters a double-speed UFO segment with numerous orbs, gravity portals, and confined spaces, all of which are accompanied by somewhat awkward timing.

40-43%: This UFO then enters a single-speed ship segment that requires insane straight-flying and striking orbs within gravity portals, missing even one orb results in a crash. The straight-fly is inconsistent due to the presence of a mini-portal and a gravity portal in its center.

43-52%: The ship then transitions into a triple-speed cube segment that requires precise timing, before transforming into a half-speed mini-cube segment that primarily requires spamming.

52-63%: The player then enters a ball segment that requires spamming and timing. In terms of gameplay, this is one of the simpler sections of the level. However, the level becomes dark, the obstacles illuminate intermittently, and it becomes difficult to see the player's path. Midway through, the player transforms into a mini-UFO, then back into an orb before transforming into a mini-ship. Then, the player must jump once as a mini-cube before a short ball section brings the player to the next phase.

63-75%: The level then transitions into a challenging segment involving a mirrored half-speed ship and some straight-flying. The ship then shrinks and must maneuver through several confined spaces. Before entering a dual section with more confined spaces and straight-flying, the ship shrinks and loses its mirrored appearance. The player must complete one final straight fly before entering the subsequent segment.

75-84%: The player then enters a segment of half-speed waves. Multiple competitors have a history of crashing here due to a lack of nerve control or error.

84-87%: Following this wave segment, the player enters a brief and simple automaton segment.

87-100%: The level concludes with one final ship segment, featuring the well-known area containing the words 'GBOY,' the creator's name, 'U NEED TO RELAX...,' and 'GG,' followed by one final straight-fly. There is a hall of fame for players who legitimately completed the level prior to the update. In addition, there is a message from Ggb0y apologizing for hacking the level and praising Riot for verifying and adding coins. Finally, the level concludes.