Some things about Geometry Dash Count To Ten

Geometry Dash Count To Ten offers an intensive race track with a cute character. You must avoid the obstacles on the track to run as far as possible.

This game is included in the Geometry Dash series game and is evaluated highly. Same as Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Jump, and Geometry Dash Nine Circles, this game asks you to jump over a lot of obstacles, like square blocks, and spikes to run farthest. You must adjust the right time to jump unless you will lose. In addition, when the obstacles are placed next to each other, you should hold the left mouse to help your character jump farther and higher. Take caution to slide the longest distance, then you will get the highest scores. Hope that the game can help you to entertain after stressful moments. Good luck!

How to control: Use the left mouse to jump over.

Some traits of the game

The game will show some statistics on the top corner of the screen. You can follow your scores and your best. In addition, your name can be put on the leaderboard if you have the highest scores. Try your best to obtain impressive achievements.