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Geometry Dash Crazy


Detailed information about Geometry Dash Crazy

Challenge for you

Jump and fly through the Geometry Dash Crazy universe without colliding with any obstacles to earn high scores and complete challenging levels.

In the video game Geometry Dash Crazy, everyone's favorite hero, Dash, sets out once more in pursuit of exciting new adventures. In this location, it is anticipating particularly insane challenges in the shape of deep chasms and sharp spikes. Assist it in overcoming all of the challenges.

You'll have to demonstrate your prowess by navigating a variety of challenging courses. Are you up to the challenge? The game is broken up into three separate episodes, titled "Orion Planet," "Circle Planet," and "Crazy Planet." Your next task is to conquer Geometry Jump Sketchy, with quite interesting and simple gameplay, you will definitely like it.

Game Controls

Use mouse or spacebar

The mission of the game

The objective of this game is for you to assume command of a three-dimensional character and give them instructions as they race and gain speed along a network of interconnected pathways. This will be accomplished by taking control of the character and selecting the appropriate buttons during the game. In order for you to be successful, you will need to assume control of the character and give them instructions as they sprint and gain speed along the ramps. If you want to keep the character secure and out of harm's way, you will need to have reflexes and reactions that are just as lightning-fast as the character's movement. You won't be able to observe the character's actions until after that, and even then only under certain conditions. If you want to be able to purchase some incredible items, you are going to have to make sure that you acquire the maximum number of diamonds that you possibly can while you are traveling along the path. The most extraordinary things will become available to you as a result of this.