Some things about Geometry Dash Extreme Park

Geometry Dash Extreme Park is an enormously engrossing running game with high difficulty. You will handle a square character to jump and pass the level.

It is said that the game is the following version of this series game. You can play the previous versions, such as Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Black Off, and Count To Ten on our web. You must control your character to slide as far as possible to get the highest point. However, the game brings a lot of traps that you have to overcome. You must take caution to avoid spikes, holes, etc. If you crash into them, you must start the game again. In addition, you control a straightforward square-shaped geometrical figure that can be customized by purchasing skins, icons, and upgrades with the points you earn. Especially, it has classifications like the robot, sticky circles, spiders, squares, rockets, and UFOs. Each shape only appears in specific stages and makes the game more interesting. Try playing all of them to select your favorite character.

How to play

Click the left mouse to jump over.

Release the left mouse to land.