Conquer every level of the game Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror is a spooky rhythm game based on the Geometry Dash series. This time, the situation is not just difficult but also a little frightening.

Have you ever played the terrifying version of the Geometry Dash video game? You won't be sorry that you clicked to check out this terrifying take on Geometry Dash Horror. The only thing that has changed is the overall design, but the gameplay has remained the same.

Geometry Dash Horror is a fascinating math game with a horror-themed plot, and the objective of the game is to avoid hitting any of the game's obstacles, which can include sharp rocks and pebbles. To win the game and complete all of the stages, you will need to jump quickly enough over the spikes and sidestep all of the obstacles. More great challenges when you join Geometry Dash World Toxic Factory, complete five main levels and instantly receive unique rewards from this amazing game.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash Horror

How to play

By utilizing geometry, you will be able to overcome obstacles such as stone walls and jagged rocks. A devil will appear before the victim and yell at them each time they come across a new obstacle. You won't be able to continue in the direction you were going and will have to start anew. You will have to get through a number of challenging stages. To finish each stage successfully, you must follow the correct rhythm.

The video game Geometry Dash Horror offers players new challenges and opportunities. The anxious person is left to fend for himself in a terrifying environment fraught with danger. Maintain your composure and strength while venturing into uncharted territory. Video games can be played at seven different levels, from beginner to expert. You should start at level one.


Use the mouse or spacebar to control the geometry