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Geometry Dash Puma Dash


Description of the game Geometry Dash Puma Dash

Geometry Dash Puma Dash is a Hard level awarded 5 stars and 3 user coins. It is a fairly straightforward level in terms of design and gameplay.

Geometry Dash Puma Dash is a relatively simple level in terms of decoration, design, and gameplay, however, what makes this level stand out among the others is the custom gamemode that Izhar created, which appears at 0:13 and pretty much remains until the end of the level. This gamemode is what makes this level stand out from the others. Because of how it feels when it leaps and how high it can go, this new mode is pretty much a combination of the cube and the robot in terms of gameplay. This is due to the fact that it can go as high as it can. The design of this game is what gives it a unique feel and I think it turns out to be really nice. This is definitely the kind of item that RobTop will think about when it comes to production.

Don't forget when completing the levels of this game then start with the new challenge of Geometry Dash Upbeat Illusion, another quite interesting level that you should try.

Overall Coin Rating

Silver - 2/4: This level will presumably be approximately four stars, so the coins are sufficient. They are not particularly difficult to obtain but do take some effort. The coins could have been more difficult to locate and acquire.

1st coin - Bronze: The first penny is the worst of the group because it is practically free. During gameplay, the level halts and a trigger orb emerges above you. Using this trigger ball substitutes a coin for the next spike. Even though he wasn't sloppy with the coin's appearance, which is achieved with a laser that removes the spike, this coin is far too basic and straightforward. It would require expansion to receive a better rating.

2nd coin - Silver: The second coin is an obvious improvement over the first, requiring numerous trigger orbs and a key during the quicker Cube section. Unlocking a platform needs the use of three trigger orbs, and the third requires obtaining a green key. These rarities are not particularly difficult, but the addition of more of them improves the situation. The rotating blocks that make the coin more confusing are a welcome feature. With these souvenirs, the coin becomes accessible. It goes without saying that obtaining a better rating would require greater difficulty.

3rd coin - Silver: This currency is more complicated than the other two. You must exercise in order to locate it. The standard path is reversed. It's great to see coins with tricks and an alternate path incorporated into the design. Extra routes can sometimes make the regular route more confusing, but that is not the case here, indicating that Izhar did an excellent job. To receive a Gold ranking, there must be additional features, such as collectibles.