Conquer all levels of Geometry Dash Upbeat Illusion

Geometry Dash Upbeat Illusion is a difficulty level of Medium Demon Level. To win, you must avoid many extremely dangerous traps and reach the last door.

Geometry Dash Upbeat Illusion is a level that features a really excellent blend of colors, effects, and backdrops, really tying the modern yet minimalist aesthetic that I feel like the authors were looking for. This style can be seen throughout the entire level. The first Upbeat modern level collaboration series to be released by Upbeat Dimension and Upbeat Universe is titled "Upbeat Illusion". Discover more Geometry Dash The Realistic to conquer more new levels.


  • Click or press [up] [w] [space] to leap and to jump on yellow circles
  • Avoid the thorns
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up, and let go to fly down
  • Hit a yellow pad to jump high. If you hit a blue pad, you can jump higher (missing a gravity portal)
  • To gain bonus points, gather the coins
  • To toggle effects, tap L (to reduce lag)