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Geometry Dash Tartarus


The goal of Geometry Dash Tartarus

Geometry Dash Tartarus offers an attractive adventure with a square character. To get many points and slide the longest distance, you must avoid all obstacles.

This game has more difficult and fierce challenges than its previous versions such as Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Fast Base After Base, and Geometry Dash Extreme Park. You also avoid colliding with obstacles, including high platforms, blocks, spikes, etc. Try your best to dodge them in time unless you will play the game again. In addition, the distance between obstacles is narrower than in the previous versions. Therefore, you must take caution to overcome them. Good luck!

How to control

Use the left mouse to control.

Some tips to win in the game

  • You should practice more to become a master. You also get many lessons from your mistake.
  • You must dodge quickly. If you click the left mouse slower or quicker, you may fail. So, try to adjust to win.
  • The power-ups in the game can help you jump over or pass the challenging traps. Take advantage of them to slide as far as possible.