Fast-paced Geometry Tile Rush

Welcome to Geometry Tile Rush, a rhythm-based running platformer game. Your goal is to control a square block and overcome the obstacles ahead.

During their time spent playing Geometry Tile Rush, players will get a distinct impression that they need to meticulously plan out their next move in order to forestall having to give up too soon and give the game up. The reason for this is that you are tasked with managing a block in this game in order to ensure that it continues to function for the maximum amount of time that is technically possible. You will receive an increased number of points in direct proportion to the distance traveled by your block. When you are on the run, there are a number of obstacles, the run must be terminated if your block collides with any of these obstacles. In this game, however, one of your objectives is to collect as many stars as you possibly can. If you want to win, you must fulfill this requirement. When you have collected a sufficient quantity of a particular type of star, you will be able to unlock a wide variety of fascinating things.

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To Jump over the obstacles, click here