The rules of Gumball Bash

Gumball Bash creates an engaging match with cute gumball characters. The game requests you to pull or kick your opponents out of the playing field.

In the circular arena, you have to try to be the one to stay. To complete this mission, you must push other players off the field. When the arrow at the bottom of your character moves, you must pay attention and press the arrow key to help your character move. Remember, move towards the opponent to push them out. You should also not stand too close to the edge if you do not want to slip too far. This is also an opportunity for the opponent if they want to win. So do not be negligent. Like Snake Game, Geometry Dash Lite, and Winding Road, the game is available on our web for you to try.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

Some exciting game modes in the game

  • The one player mode: You will control your character to beat the other character controlled by the computer. You should collect the power-ups on the playground to size up and become the winner.
  • The multiplayer mode: You can create the link or share a QR code to invite your friends to join the game. Compete with each other to become the last to stand on the playing field.