The game rules of Snake Game

Participating in Snake Game helps you to relax and express stress effectively. Control a snake to gather many apples, and size up the snake's body.

You have a difficult mission to complete in this game. You must maintain control of your snake character so that it can run throughout the playing area and eat every apple. Your snake's body will grow once you devour the fruit. Make an effort to aid the snake in growing the longest. In addition, you also take caution to dodge some red bombs because these bombs are quite similar to the red apples. If you eat them, you will explode. Finally, you mustn't collide with other snakes on the playing field. Once your snake's head hits the others' head, the game is over. However, you also make some traps to make others hit your snake's body. Then, they will die. If you also play other amusing games, you can select Geometry Dash Lite, Happy Wheels, and Pacman.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play.