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Monster Rush


About Monster Rush

Monster Rush is a running game combined with extremely attractive and thrilling strategy skills. Collect items along the way to power up your pets.


You can absolutely play this game on your phone, tablet, or computer. Play it online with many other fascinating games like Rodeo Stampede. Surely the interesting games on this site will bring many new and impressive impressions to you.


It can be said that Monster Rush is a running game quite similar to Tallman Run. Control your boy with the mouse by hovering left or right if you want. Easier to control if you control with arrow keys.

Survival skills while fighting the enemy

In this game, you will show your fighting skills to see whose beast is the strongest. By collecting a lot of monster balls to increase the power of your monster. Along the way appear animals and power-ups for your farming. Try to collect as much as possible, the more you collect, the higher the level of your pet's strength.

If your pet dies, the game is over. Each level will have different challenges and pets for you to unleash your passion for fighting. Try to build the most powerful tactics and strategies for your pets to get the most power when fighting giant beasts.