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Ragdoll Gangs


Some game rules of Ragdoll Gangs

Use special moves to join a thrilling match in Ragdoll Gangs. To become a champion, you must defeat your opponents and collect mystery boxes to own weapons.

The game gives you a very interesting new space. You will participate in the wars of doll gangs. Control your character to join the battle. There are two types of matches introduced to you through two game modes. First, Adventure mode only allows you to play alone. Control your character to hit, punch, and kick opponents until they run out of energy. Second, the Arena mode brings a series of fierce matches. You will play against the computer if you choose 1P. In addition, if you want to control the character with another person on the same electronic device, you can choose 2P. You also do not miss the boxes that contain a lot of weapons and shields. Use them to win the game. Good luck!

In addition, you select your doll to start the game. There are a large number of dolls for you. They are the ultimate fighters with the strongest features. Like Avengers: Hydra Dash, Thor Boss Battles, and Geometry Dash Lite, the game is available on our web.

How to play

Player 1

WASD to move.

U to punch.

B to kick.

Left shift to run.

C to pick/ throw/ activate.

Player 2

Arrow keys to move.

O to punch.

P to kick.

Right shift to run.

I to pick/ throw/ activate.