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Sonic exe


About Sonic exe

Sonic exe is a terrifying Sonic the Hedgehog adventure game created by Adam Gavigan. Guide a blue hedgehog to avoid obstacles and gather rings.

The goal of the game is to complete each Act as quickly as possible for the maximum score. The more rings you collect, the higher your score will be. You should make every effort to reach the far end, where the signboard is located.

If you play this game right now, you can assume the form of a sinister Exetior, the blue hedgehog. The main Sonic characters meet their end at the hands of this monster, who appears on a haunted game disc. The similarities between him and Sonic are uncanny. As of right now, he's on his way to tracking down a genuine example and destroying him. If you love the horror game genre, you can explore Backrooms, an extremely attractive and dramatic adventure game.


  • To initiate the game, press Z or ENTER
  • Use the Left-Right Arrow Keys Keys for motion
  • Press the Down Arrow Key to recline
  • Press either Z or X to leap