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Squid Run


Conquer every race in Squid Run

Join Squid Run to overcome challenges in dangerous journey on the track. There are many dangerous challenges in each level waiting for you to conquer. Along the way there are many deadly and deadly challenges. How far can you go in these many challenging levels?

The conditions for you to win the race

Master the rules of the game

Either you will win, otherwise you will have to leave the game in defeat. There is only one winner, so the level of competition is extremely high, you need to try to master the skills to control the character quickly to be able to overcome the obstacles safely. Try to stay alive and be the last survivor when you reach the finish line.

Concentration is essential

You need to be highly focused and flexible in many different situations to easily overcome challenges. You should also keep calm so that you can control the character easily and master your game more.


In terms of form and gameplay, it is quite similar to Monster Rush. Just control the character to the left with the arrow keys to be able to dodge the sharp cogs and eat valuable items to get the maximum score.