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The Ironic Zombie


The goals of The Ironic Zombie

The Ironic Zombie is a fantastic adventure game with a boy and a zombie character. You have to cooperate with another one to help each other pass the level.

If you are a big fan of adventure games that allow you to join a friend, you do not miss this game. In the game, you will transform into one of two characters to play the game. If you become a boy, your partner will become a zombie. And vice versa. You must remember that if you are the boy, you must reach the wooden gate to finish the level. If you are a zombie, you should go through to headstone and complete your mission. However, to pass the level, both of you must assist each other to overcome the traps, unlock gates, block stones, etc. You can press the switch button to pass them. Finally, there are a lot of double-player games for you, such as Tank Shooting, Ghost Wiper, or Geometry Dash Lite

How to control

Player 1

  • WASD to move.
  • F to shoot.
  • G to throw grenades/ pick up the box.
  • Q to change weapons.

Player 2

  • The arrow keys to move.
  • L to shoot.
  • K to throw grenades/ pick up the box.
  • U to change weapons.