Some things about Wuggy Adventures

Wuggy Adventures brings a wonderful exploration with a Wuggy character. You must collect all coins and shoot down or avoid monsters while discovering them.

The game has simple gameplay, which is similar to Speedy Ball, Crazy Roll 3D, and Geometry Dash Lite. While exploring the playing field with eye-catching graphics, you must accumulate as many coins as possible. Moreover, you also jump to unlock some mysterious gift boxes. They can help you increase your coins. So, do not miss them. However, a lot of challenges are still waiting for you. You must jump over big holes to avoid falling into the water. The high platforms are also difficult for you. You must try your best to jump into these platforms. Then, collect the coins here. While collecting the coins, you also encounter many monsters. You can destroy them by shooting. You also jump in their head to make them disappear. Good luck.

How to play

Use the up arrow key to fly.

Use the spacebar to change the girls.