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The Speed Ninja


Can you help the ninja save his village?

Description of The Speed Ninja

Prepare to run a long-distance race in The Speed Ninja! Ninjas are legendary warriors with great honor, and there's almost nothing they can't do. Take charge of a ninja character in this game and do your best to conquer each level!

Test your reflexes in multiple jump races as you control your ninja character through each level. The Speed Ninja offers a fun and thrilling gaming experience suitable for the whole family. It's recommended for everyone, so get ready to show off your skills and become the ultimate ninja warrior! You can discover a few more popular games on our website like Who Is, Pacman, and Slope. Hope the game will bring you the most wonderful experiences every day.


  • 100 levels to challenge your ninja skills
  • Collect 300 stars throughout the game
  • Compete for the best scores on the leaderboard
  • Easy controls - simply touch the screen to jump or crouch

Addictive gameplay of The Speed Ninja

In this game, your character is a skilled ninja who will start running as soon as the game starts. Your job is to help the ninja overcome various obstacles and enemies using the arrow keys. As the army approaches, a young ninja dash across the rooftops with a mission. He must sound the gongs to alert the various districts of his village before the enemy strikes. You must leap from one platform to another without falling and avoid obstacles while using your shurikens to defeat enemies. To jump over gaps and deadly traps, press the up arrow key. You can perform a double jump by using the up arrow key twice to reach higher platforms. Beware of your enemies who are fierce and waiting for you! Use the right arrow key to throw shurikens at them. You can also use the shurikens to destroy some obstacles in your way. To slide beneath some obstacles, use the down arrow key. Your position in the level is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Collect the coins scattered throughout the level to increase your final score.