The game rules of Peaman Adventure

Peaman Adventure is a fantastic adventure game. Your mission is to control your character to collect the required peanuts and reach the finish line.

Like Wuggy Adventures, in this game, you will have to complete a few interesting tasks. First, you have to collect enough peanuts as required. They can be easily seen on the road or you can open mystery boxes to get them. In addition, you should also not miss the gold coins on the way. Next, you have to try to overcome the monsters. They can kill you if touched. You can jump over them to dodge or jump on top of them to destroy them. Finally, reach the finish line safely without running out of lives. In addition, there are some exciting games for you, such as Gumball Bash, Geometry Dash Lite, and Snake Game. Join all of them to relax and practice some skills. Good luck.

How to control

  • Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move.
  • Double W or double up arrow key to jump high.
  • Double S or double down arrow key to jump down.